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50th Post: Battle Royale: The Prestige VS. The Illusionist


Here we have it. A battle royale of magical proportions. The Prestige VS. The Illusionist. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman vs. Edward Norton. Scarlett Johannson vs. Jessica Biel. Batman and Wolverine vs. the Hulk…wait. No matter where your allegiances lie, this is a solid battle. Which should you watch? Continue reading

Growing Op

What makes a family normal? Is there a guide to the formation of a “normal” nuclear family unit? I assume it would include a steady income for the parents, school for the kids and a comfortable living establishment, right? So, if that steady income is procured by illegal means and the kids are homeschooled, does that make a family abnormal even if they love and care for each other more than most families? These are only some of the questions proposed by the comedy Growing Op. Continue reading


We all dream of winning the lottery. We all know that one special thing we would do with the money once we get it, whether it’s buy a house, remodel one, buy a car or something more practical like pay off any sort of debt. The one thing for certain is that your life would change. In Lucky, meek Ben Keller (Colin Hanks) gets the girl of his dreams (and murderous hallucinations) with the winning lottery ticket he stumbled upon. Continue reading

Reader Request: The Ramen Girl

Any movie about the Japanese culture has to mention the strong Japanese spirit. The belief saying we must do things from the heart and not from the mind. Overthinking something is seen as a sin and disgraceful to the action. The Ramen Girl uniquely shows this Japanese spirit and a not-so-well-known aspect of Japanese culture. Continue reading


Jesse Eisenberg. The hyperactive, spastic young adult thing has worked in previous films due to unique storylines, high entertainment value and strong supporting casts. Zombieland, Adventureland, The Social Network and even 30 Minutes or Less were engaging and entertaining in their own ways. Unfortunately for Mr. Eisenberg and his film persona, Rio provided no support in any of those categories, bringing his character to the forefront of annoyance. Continue reading

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