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75th Post: Battle Royale: Friends with Benefits vs. No Strings Attached


We’re at it again folks, only this time the fight is a little…sexier. Guy meets girl (or vice versa). Both are beautiful – shocking – so there is a mutual attraction that just cannot be ignored. Hold up! They are both emotionally damaged so they don’t want the frivolities of a standard relationship. No, they want to keep it Olivia Newton John style. Two movies, two former ballerinas, six months apart, but which one was actually worth seeing – if either. Battle Royale #2: No Strings Attached vs. Friends with Benefits Continue reading

Peep World

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. In this case, the land of milk and honey… I mean… the land of film and television ran out of unique dysfunctional families. We have the kind-hearted son, the screw-up looking for dad’s affection, the daddy’s girl who is always at war with her mother and the neglectful, success-oriented patriarch. No, we are not talking about the Bluth family – even if you wish we were. We are talking about the Meyerwitz family from Peep World. Continue reading

Winnebago Man (Video and Documentary)

Accoutrements! Accoutrements! This word takes on a new meaning when screamed in pure exasperation by “the angriest man in the world”. Jack Rebney gained Internet fame as a result of a blooper reel of his extremely foul-mouthed and unadulterated anger on the set of a group of Winnebago commercials. Ben Steinbauer decided to track down the man behind one of the very first viral videos in Winnebago Man. Continue reading

Girl, Interrupted

Psychology and the diagnosing of mental illnesses is a fairly modern practice in comparison with other sciences such as Biology and Chemistry. That being said, immense progress has been made in just the past fifty years that has revolutionized how we view personality traits and behavioral mannerisms. In Girl, Interrupted, we are shown the beginning stages of diagnostic mental illness in the famous Claymoore institution. Continue reading

Summer Movies – July Edition

With Hunger Games kicking the hell out of the box office – third best debut ever – and creating a heightened sense of success in the film industry, people are beginning to expect record shattering numbers this summer. With two of the three big superhero movies coming out, July will be a crucial month for the box office in reaching their high expectations. Continue reading

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