Take Me Home Tonight

Since yesterday’s review was a little longer than usual I decided to make today’s shorter and more to the point. There are tons of movies made each year that fall through the cracks and are quickly forgotten. Take Me Home Tonight is just another 80s rom-com that does nothing to set itself apart from the others.


In the fall after graduating from MIT, Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) is stuck in the odd stage where he should be planning his future but has no idea where to start. He begins his search at his sister’s boyfriend’s party that will give him the opportunity to finally ask out his high school crush, Tori (Teresa Palmer).

We’ve all seen this story played out hundreds of times. Nerd with infinite potential has to prove himself for the prom queen, while learning about himself in the process. TMHT doesn’t make this plot more interesting than others, but it doesn’t fail either. The side stories, such as Matt’s sister Wendy (Anna Faris) and newly unemployed best friend Barry (Dan Fogler), are cute and zany, respectively, which gives the film a bit more heart and appeal. Faris, Fogler and Chris Pratt – Kyle, Wendy’s boyfriend – are funny and entertaining in their roles to make up for Grace’s general unlikable nature. You are never able to decide whether or not Kyle is a jackass or unbelievably dumb or both – I go with the latter – but he is oddly affable. Palmer does a good job hiding her accent – there’s really nothing else to say since she isn’t given much more responsibility other than to sound American.

The dialog is cheesy, there’s a dance-off and at every opportunity there is another 80s hit being thrown at you. Most likely, you’ll chuckle every once in a while – particularly the first meeting Matt has with Carlos. In the end, I’d recommend Hot Tub Time Machine for a more comedic rendering of the 80s. Take Me Home Tonight is the lazy Sunday on FX film and nothing more.

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