Summer Movies – July Edition

With Hunger Games kicking the hell out of the box office – third best debut ever – and creating a heightened sense of success in the film industry, people are beginning to expect record shattering numbers this summer. With two of the three big superhero movies coming out, July will be a crucial month for the box office in reaching their high expectations.

July 3 –

The Amazing Spider-Man

The elusive Tuesday movie (theater) release – obviously in time for the 4th. A bold move and I don’t think this will draw as much as expected, but I’ll still see it. Looks fairly good.

July 6 –


No trailer (from what I found). Seems pretty intense – young adult drug dealers vs. Mexican cartel, and it’s an Oliver Stone flick so there will be growing buzz about it, no doubt.

July 13 –

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Saw a trailer for this at The Lorax but others being released in August and October (particularlyFrankenweenie)look much better.

July 20 –

The Dark Knight Rises

Interested or not, you’ll see it.

July 27 –

Neighborhood Watch

It’s like a passing of the guard for comedy.

Step Up 4

Missed 1-3 and I don’t like change, so…

There you have it folks: the July movies. I noticed some other smaller ones that looked intriguing, particularly Ted which features Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane (yeah, odd pairing).

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