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100th Post Battle Royale: The Avengers Refresher Course

Before we begin, a couple of things. For the UK readers and others from places where The Avengers has been released, I’m jealous. Also, I’d love to hear your yay or nay to the film without too much being given away. It comes out in less than a week so I figured I’d help refresh the memories of anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to see it yet.

Second, I am not a comic book reader, so these opinions are based on the films alone. If there are discrepancies between the films and comics, let me know in the comments. Lastly, the grades are given with regards to other superhero films and not necessarily as films overall (though that is taken into account to some degree).

Thanks so much for reading and all the support. It’s been fun writing and hearing everyone’s opinions. I hope you keep reading and spreading the word!! So here we go, the 3rd Battle Royale: Continue reading


Sometimes you can’t help developing a deep relationship with someone you really should be avoiding. You find yourself drawn to their character despite glaring flaws. Truman Capote (Philip Seymour Hoffman) develops a serious relationship with convicted murderer Perry Smith (Clifton Collins Jr.) in Capote. Continue reading


A wise man once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Maybe so, but what happens if no one can see if it’s broken?  This is where innovation comes into the conversation. Innovation is one of the quickest ways to bring the future to the present and completely overhaul an outdated system. All you need is someone with the facts, Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), and someone with the willingness to embrace the change, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt). Then we can see how something as traditional as baseball changed completely in Moneyball. Continue reading

The Mechanic

Jason Statham seems to like about five things: driving cars, beautiful women, kicking ass, not saying much and diving. He is the consummate modern-day action star. His movies are full of explosions, fights, some sex, and a ton of plot holes. The Mechanic is no different. Continue reading

The Town

Just because you are raised in a tough neighborhood where crime is broken down to a science instead of frowned upon, does that mean you are destined to that lifestyle forever? Charlestown, Massachusetts is infamous for its consistent crop of armed bank robbers and thieves. Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) is one of them, but as we learn in The Town, robbing banks isn’t necessarily all that defines him. Continue reading

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