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Did you see Gamer? Yeah, neither did I. Did you see The Matrix? If you’re answer is no, then stop what you’re doing, take off your shoes and step on a Lego. Well if you’ve seen neither, I have found a nice middle ground for you all the way from the mystical land of Japan-Poland called Avalon. However, sepia tones and intensely tedious cinematography will scare many of you away—and rightfully so. Continue reading


The government is after us. Nobody is safe. Every action, every movement, every word of ours is monitored. Death, taxes and conspiracy theorists will always be around. From UFOs to Bigfoot and the JFK assassination, someone will find a piece of convenient evidence to prove the existence of an overarching conspiracy to control our minds or something to that effect. Metropia goes from a unified Europe to global mind control and back in the span of ninety minutes. Continue reading


No one should have to hide who they really are or how they really feel. Others around them end up getting hurt more often as a result. Take Beginners as an example. A man, Hal (Christopher Plummer), lives out his marriage as a straight man, only to confess to his son, Oliver (Ewan McGregor), that he has always been gay. Continue reading

Black Lightning (Russian)

We need a new superhero. The Marvel films have been great and I’m sure they will continue to entertain and impress. The DC films have been kept afloat by Christopher Nolan, so we’ll see what comes from the other heroes that make up the Justice League. In any event, we need a new hero to capture our interest that hasn’t been in our comics, movies and television shows for years. Easier said than done, but smaller films have tried—see Griff the Invisible and Super—to varying success. In search of a new hero, I ventured to Russia and found a fun story in Timur Bekmambetov’s Black Lightning (Черная Молния). Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises (No Spoilers)

I hope Christopher Nolan realizes what he’s done. With the epic stories he has put on the screen from this Batman trilogy to stuff like Inception, everything he does from now on will be held up to the highest of standards. We want our minds blown, so he better deliver! Well, with The Dark Knight Rises I wouldn’t say my mind was blown, but it’s definitely a good movie. Continue reading

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