The Decoy Bride

First things first, I only watched The Decoy Bride because my list consists of intense, semi-depressing dramas and my friend, who was with me at the time, has a gigantic crush on David Tennant. Second, you can do much worse for a bored midweek rom-com choice since Alice Eve isn’t tough on the eyes and Kelly Macdonald is super easy on the ears.


Lara Tyler (Eve) is the most famous actress in the world. She is set to marry struggling—and lying—writer, James Arber (Tennant), but is incapable of avoiding the throngs of media and press people stalking her every move. In comes the small Scottish island of Hegg where the couple plans on having their secret marriage. On the island are forlorn, unlucky Katie NicAdoidh (Macdonald) and her seventy-five fellow residents of Hegg. In an attempt to fool the media, Katie acts as a decoy bride, but her ceremony with James becomes a little more official than they had planned.

There is nothing particularly special about The Decoy Bride. It’s another run-of-the-mill rom-com with cheap laughs and, at times, an utterly idiotic story. In this instance, there is a small group of cringe-worthy scenes that lead to excessive eye-rolling, but for the most part the film is easy to get through. You may even find yourself chuckling more than you’d think, but it never exceeds a minor chuckle.

The best part of the film, by far, is Macdonald. I’d seen her before in stuff like Choke and No Country for Old Men, but didn’t really take notice until she voiced Merida in Brave. For an accent nerd like yours truly, her voice is amazing. My new hope for films is to one day see a movie with Kelly Macdonald and Brendan Gleeson using their natural accents to insult people into submission. They both have a sharp wit and excellent delivery. Hell, they could make a movie of them heckling another movie and I’d watch it.

I digress. She’s fun in the film and adds a desperately needed element to the story since Tennant is left to be a dimwitted writer and Eve is, more or less, nonexistent as she spends at least a third of the film hiding from the press in the hills of Hegg. The saving grace for the role of Lara Tyler is that she isn’t depicted as the typical vain, self-centered, she-beast, celebrity bride. She is a genuine person.

With terrible rom-coms released seemingly every week, it’s difficult to find one that truly sticks out from the pack. The Decoy Bride will not stick out, but that is equally good as it is bad. It’s reached the epitome of “not as bad as expected, but still very ok.”

    • DLH
    • July 13th, 2012

    Your review (and the two principals) was/were enough to get me to see this one — and I usually hate this genre. While not great cinema, it combines Dr. Who and Merida, and that is enough for me.

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