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Never Let Me Go

A common practice when viewing a film is placing oneself in the position of the protagonist. What would you do in that situation? How would you react differently? Could you totally make that jump across those buildings? You know, the usual questions. Yet, occasionally a non-action, thriller or horror movie comes along that makes you question your current choices along with your hypothetical ones in the context of the film. Never Let Me Go is one of the latter films. Continue reading


MHMR: Top Four Foreign Language Films

Typically there would be a Battle Royale in this spot, but I haven’t gotten to that yet. To hold you over, here are the four best Foreign Language films I’ve reviewed thus far. In case you’re wondering the sample size, I’ve reviewed 14 foreign language films, while there have also been multiple others that were split between English and a foreign language. Without further ado, here are the top four that I think you should check out at some point. Continue reading


I applaud films for trying to tap into the popular culture of their time and making the theme and message of the film relevant to the social landscape of the time period, but sometimes this leads to a muddled, lackluster plot. Such is the case with ParaNorman, as the desire to benefit from the current zombie craze and fight against bullying overshadows the development of characters and leaves something to be desired. Continue reading

Puss in Boots

After Shrek 2, I lost track of the film series and fairy tales altogether. For the newer films that tried to replicate the ensemble fairy tale cast I often found myself confused and unable to recognize some of the characters. Luckily, for the prequel (in a way) of Puss in Boots, there were only a few fairy tale references that needed recognition to understand the characters. The plot, however, was a different story. Continue reading

Total Recall (2012)

There are many reasons for remakes. A bit of nostalgia for the original audience, and a potentially new concept for a different generation of movie-goers, to name a few. Personally, I never saw the original Total Recall out of a complete lack of interest, and I only saw the remake because I watched my friend working on the design for the cars (what up TEA) and Kate Beckinsale is incredibly gorgeous (not to ignore Jessica Biel). In the end, those were the only interesting parts. Continue reading

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