What’s Your Number?

To borrow somewhat from Louis C.K., watching a romantic comedy is a lot like picking out the best cinnamon roll at Cinnabon, even if you find a really, really good one, you’ll still kind of hate yourself after. With films like What’s Your Number?, the feeling is stimulated and occurs midway through, a lot like when eating the last cinnamon roll left in the warming tank.


Ally Darling (Anna Faris) reads in one of those female-oriented magazines that the average woman has slept with 10.5 men. She is an outlier to this average as she has hit 19. Therefore, she vows to “close up shop” until she finds the man she will spend the rest of her life with so he can be lucky number 20. She decides to look through all of her ex-boyfriends/lovers to see if any can potentially be that guy, so she calls upon playboy neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) to help investigate, as he comes from a family of cops and is good at invading people’s privacy.

The ending is set in stone from the beginning so what can really be said about this movie. Anna Faris may not choose the best roles, but is there anything truly negative that can be said about her? She knows her skill set and picks roles that allow her to showcase her talents. Ally seems to be a role that she connected with—I am not insinuating Anna Faris has slept with 20 men—because they both seem to prefer to have fun than be truly serious about something.

Meanwhile, Chris Evans undoes all the progress he made garnering respect as Captain America. Instead, he reverts back to his Not Another Teen Movie days (an under-appreciated film despite it’s immature humor and somewhat warranted reputation). One line in particular (slight paraphrasing): “Alright, Ally. Go ahead and do what you want…” as he slams his fists on the counter in frustration is…is just terrible. He tries to make an already atrocious line into something worthwhile, but ends up making it worse.

In the end, What’s Your Number? includes too many romcom clichés and not enough humor. During times when witty dialog could have been included…Ally and Colin play strip-HORSE in the TD Bank Garden (the Celtics’ stadium). There are more moments tailored to getting the leads in their underwear than there are for comedy. So it’s a bust. Shocking.

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