Dirty Deeds

It’s a little late in the day and I hadn’t even planned on reviewing this film, so we’ll do something a little different. Dirty Deeds is a high school comedy where a student tries to become the first in years to complete 10 ridiculous dares before Homecoming. Tagline: 10 Deeds, 12 Hours, One Wild Night. Here are 10 things about the film (even though I doubt I need to say more):

  1. Milo Ventimiglia and Lacey Chabert star and both have very odd articulation patterns. Just watch their mouths when they talk, you’ll understand.
  2. Most of the people in this film have gone on to do very little: particularly Arielle Kebbel (John Tucker Must Die) and the aforementioned pair.
  3. Zoe Saldana is the one now-famous star that appears.
  4. Ms. Saldana has almost literally not changed in appearance in the seven years since this came out. Touche.
  5. This movie came out in 2005, but the “playboy” character collects scrunchies. I sense a lack in cultural awareness.
  6. The one truth from this film is that if there were an Officer Dill, the teenagers would definitely follow him yelling, “Doh!”
  7. Deeds actually holds your attention long enough while having Zach (Ventimiglia) perform the deeds in relatively plausible fashion.
  8. For being so short, the film actually surprises in giving character depth to supporting roles (albeit shallow depth since they all are quite bland).
  9. I wonder if Mark Derwin (Accepted, 24) is as much of a hardass as he is in his roles
  10. SPOILER: he doesn’t finish the last deed (for noble reasons) so why should I finish this list (for lazy reasons)?


Conclusion: A decent enough late-night romp to put you in a light mood before going to sleep. Go ahead; throw your intellect to the wind for an hour and a half.

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