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Super 8

It is in our human nature to desire being in control. We crave knowing limits and having control over our experiences. What happens when we are stripped of this control? Fear. We fear what we cannot control and everyone will react differently to that fear. Some respond with a fitful excitement that can only be calmed by venturing into that fear. Others cower and fall in line with the masses for self-preservation. So, in the event of an unknown, otherworldly monster terrorizing your town and snatching your people up, what would your reaction be? Follow the people in charge, or find your own method of survival? Whichever path you choose, you’ll feel like less of a brave adult when watching our child heroes in Super 8. Continue reading


Maybe it’s just me, but the entertainment industry has a warped view of contemporary public high schools. It seems one of two things is happening in most high school movies/tv series: the school is a haven for thugs, criminals, future (or current) prostitutes and strippers with no sense of moral integrity or respect, or the school is one big cesspool of hormones waiting to explode. This dichotomy inevitably leads to hope for the future from the former school, and immature humor from the latter. Detachment avoids this funnel of emotions—barely—by making everything as devoid of happiness and hope as possible. Continue reading

Clue and Coriolanus

Still easing my way back into writing these things, so excuse another micro-review. However, we do have a first for MHMR: a movie I could not get beyond the thirty-minute mark! Was it just so awful I couldn’t sit through it? Surprisingly, no. So what happened? That’s for later, but first, a Clue. Continue reading


New job in combination with being sick means I haven’t watched movies or had the energy to write about them. I’m feeling a bit better so I’ll give you a quick one here. My hopes are to continue with about four reviews per week. We’ll see how successful I am with that goal though. Anyway, Anonymous: Continue reading

The Campaign

That freedom of speech clause really comes in handy when your politicians slip up and completely embarrass themselves, doesn’t it? Being a comedian in this day and age just gets easier and easier despite the growing competition and demand to live up to the greats. What happens when you combine politicians’ inability to be universally appealing and a comedian’s desire to mock everything? The Campaign happens.   Continue reading

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