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One of the underappreciated aspects of the genius social commentary we call The Simpsons is the relationship between Homer and Ned Flanders. My fellow cynics will agree that some people simply enjoy life too much. Maybe it’s jealousy; maybe we know there’s a balance to life that must be achieved—and getting mad is a nice release. In any case, we all know a person who refuses to get mad at injustices or despondent following tragic events. There’s always something positive, right? Well, as Bernie shows us, everyone has a boiling point. The hard part is accepting it as a possibility. Continue reading

The Spirit

This should be a Skyfall review, but I delayed so long after seeing it that I’ve forgotten most of what I would’ve said. Essentially it boils down to this: Grade B/B+, if you like Bond movies, you’ll love Skyfall, and Javier Bardem should play every villain (especially Hannibal Lecter if they remake The Silence of the Lambs, and let’s be honest, they will). Instead, and most unfortunately, this review is about the abomination known as The Spirit. Continue reading


A common argument these days regarding the film industry is a lack of imagination. Creativity in story, genre, style, what have you, is lacking. Personally, I feel this is a very narrow view as the only lack of creativity is coming from the blockbuster films that crowd your airways, Internet sites and magazines. Lesser-known directors working on smaller budgets are proving there is still room for innovation within these overdone themes. For Chronicle, the film itself lands somewhere between the blockbusters and the indie films. For its director, Josh Trank, a bright future of innovation and creativity lies ahead.

Continue reading

Klown (Denmark)

Allow me to pose an argument that was provided to me recently. Is a hero (or heroine) possible in the modern world? Can someone survive the constant pressure from the media and incessant scrutiny from the multitude of information outlets, faceless or otherwise, and still come out with an unscathed reputation? How does this relate the movie Klown, based on a Danish sitcom? It doesn’t necessarily, but as the tagline says, “Every child needs a role model.” Continue reading

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