It’s amazing how quickly a reputation can be changed, isn’t it? Within the last thirteen years, M. Night Shyamalan has gone from visionary with The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable to downright laughable with The Last Airbender and The Happening. He has almost become a parody of himself where the “twist” is so expected; a Shyamalan-helmed movie without a twist would be a bigger shock. It’s a shame though, because Devil grabbed some interest with the trailer, but the inclusion of his name soiled the potential and scared off viewers.



Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus and more importantly, The OC), Jenny O’Hara (Mystic River), Bojana Novakovic (a brunette Helen Hunt look-alike), Bokeem Woodbine (Total Recall (2012)), and Geoffrey Arend (the snozzberry guy married to Christina Hendricks) are stuck in an elevator with paranormal activity occurring because one of them is actually the devil tormenting the living before taking them as his own. Meanwhile, outside the elevator strange events are transpiring and Chris Messina, a recovering alcoholic and detective, is trying to investigate what is going on inside the elevator.


Movies like Final Destination have ruined horror movie deaths because now the bar is set so high that every death has to be in the most absurdly fantastic way. Devil avoids that, mostly. For the poor souls getting in the way of the devil’s plans, death comes in tragic, but plausible ways. Even within the elevator, the murders occur in such a way that you aren’t cynically scoffing—except one.

The most positive aspect of Devil is that no one is truly the main character. Chris Messina could technically be considered as such because we learn of his past, but that is more for story development than character development. This works due to the relative unknown status of all actors and actresses involved. These are all people you’ve seen before, but never put much effort into noticing. Devil gives them a chance to shine in some way.

Logan Marshall-Green makes the most out of this opportunity and stands out above the rest, but only slightly. To be honest, you’re too busy trying to stay one step ahead of Shyamalan and prove you’re too smart for his twists. For the record, I failed, but the twist isn’t very mind-blowing anyway.

Film Title: Devil

For you Shyamalan haters, and believe me I can empathize after how he defiled The Last Airbender, Devil was only written by him. John Erick Dowdle directed Devil and has an interesting vision for cinematography and camera placement. There are dozens of unnerving and slightly nauseating upside-down helicopter shots that come in the beginning to destabilize you. I can only imagine what it must have been like in the theater, but even at home I was uncomfortable.

Devil flies under the radar even as you view it, but it’s short (not much more than 80 minutes) and makes sure to pack the important scenes in before the end. The plot progression is predictable and not unique in any way, but it’s fun and entertains you long enough to finish it. More likely than not, you’ll finish it and move on without a second thought, and that’s just fine. It’s not terrible, but nothing that will make your must-see list.

  1. Keep forgetting to watch this, mainly because I can think of better things to watch haha 😀

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