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Rapid Fire: Shame, Young Adult, Looper, Zero Dark Thirty, Take This Waltz

It’s been a while since I posted, but I haven’t stopped watching movies. Instead of trying to give full reviews for those movies, I’ve decided to provide rapid fire, (relatively) quick hits for the main films I viewed in the last few weeks. My schedule is opening up so I’m hoping to get back to regular posting soon. Also, I have decided to not give hard grades for these films, as many of them left me with mixed feelings that would make grading difficult. Instead, the distinction will be “Worth Your Time” or “Not Worth Your Time.” Continue reading


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Incidentally, this is post 200!!!! Thanks for reading! I promise to have another Battle Royale soon.

Salmon fishing poster

I would love to have been in the pitch room for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Imagine the look on the faces of numerous studio executives when writers Simon Beaufoy and Paul Torday described their film as a wondrous tale about fishing in the Yemen and so much more. The initial reaction could not have been enthusiastic, or anything beyond bewilderment. However, I must thank the BBC or CBS exec that took a chance because Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a delightful film.

Continue reading


Butter poster

Everybody is good at something, and there are definitely some supremely talented people in this world. However, sometimes these people are much better than you at something you enjoy and it sends you into a table-flipping rage (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻). In Butter, the talent du jour is using butter to create magnificent sculptures and Laura (Jennifer Garner) is not happy she has real competition. Continue reading

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has started the year off right.


What’s the most frightening thing you’ve ever done? For many people, this question is answered with something obvious like jumping out of a plane with nothing but a blanket that supposedly slows you down. Yet, the most genuine answer for practically every person is: making a decision based on a gut feeling and having no idea how it will turn out. Just follow what you think is right. That’s frightening for some people because it deviates from the normal process of weighing options and making measured decisions. As we see from Jeff, Who Lives at Home, sometimes taking the proverbial leap is worth it. Continue reading

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