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The effects of authority on seemingly normal civilians are frightening. The Stanford Prison experiment shows this with a simple test being taken to extreme lengths. The Wave shows this when an assignment becomes an autocratic, prejudiced system. One of the most intriguing books I’ve read was called Ordinary Men written by Christopher Browning. In it, a group of normal individuals commit heinous acts at the behest of the Nazi regime. The capability for moral depravity, much like the capability for kindness and love, knows no bounds in the human condition. Additionally, the level of stupidity, naivety, and ignorance amongst humankind is equally infinite, as we see in Compliance. Continue reading

Burke and Hare

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Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. Occasionally, a story is so absurd there is simply no way someone could make it up. Take for example, a naked, pooping, masturbating home intruder. Or, as Burke and Hare chronicles, two men who decide the best way to make money is by killing people and providing the cadavers for scientific research. Is that creative or sociopathic? Who’s to say, but when the British take on dark humor, they can really nail it. Continue reading

Safety Not Guaranteed

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A moment may be fleeting, but the memory lasts a lifetime. It’s an old adage, but remains relevant for certain circumstances. We all possess one moment in our lives of true happiness. From there, we either spend the rest of our lifetime trying to replicate that ecstasy, or we spend that time trying to reenact that singular moment. As some lead unfortunately tragic lives, the latter goal becomes an obsession. We see this obsession in Safety Not Guaranteed and how it makes a great film. Continue reading

Season in Review: American Horror Story

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I’m deviating from the norm in the most applicable sense by reviewing an entire season of a depraved, disturbing and excellently made show, American Horror Story. Rarely does a show depict the immorality of seemingly normal individuals as well as AHS.

Continue reading

Alix Lambert’s The Mark of Cain

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When someone says, “Respect your elders,” it is often ignored and treated as an old cliché that has no relevance in modern society. In a Russian prison, however, respecting your elders, or those of higher rank, is of the utmost importance. Luckily, the intricate coding and culture surrounding tattoos in Russia’s prisons during the Gulag and beyond has provided a template for new generations of convicts to understand who is not to be trifled with. We learn about this system and see some incredible tattoos in The Mark of Cain. Continue reading

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