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Season in Review: House of Cards

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With each and every year giving rise to technological innovations, it was only a matter of time before the likes of television programming became subject to substantial change. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are making waves by releasing entire seasons of shows at once; thus, creating a new digital platform for the widespread viewing of new, original programming. Who knew, though, that the initiation of this new platform would be executed with such a deliciously evil and manipulative offering in Netflix’s series House of Cards.

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Side Effects

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I lied in my last post. One thing America seems to love more than guns is pharmaceuticals. In 2012, revenue for the brand name and general pharmaceutical manufacturing industries brought in upwards of $200 billion, and that’s with a slight decline in the brand name industry over the past five years. Don’t believe me about the medicinal presence in American culture? Go watch the nightly news. Almost every commercial will be for some form of drug, from sleeping pills to depression aids and back. So with pharmaceuticals playing such a crucial role in American culture did Steven Soderbergh decide to take a stand in Side Effects against the almighty giants like Pfizer? Not really.

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Warm Bodies

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A few months back I had to do a little research into the state of the gun industry in the United States. Now, this was before the tragic events that have redefined the discourse surrounding our gun-centric culture. No, at this time, one of the biggest factors driving gun purchases was preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Gasp you should, but before you follow that with a disbelieving scoff, I found that information at reputable sites like the Washington Post and sites devoted to gun and ammunition trade shows. The point is America seems to like one thing more than guns: zombies. More importantly, how do you survive an attack and what’s your weapon of choice? Luckily, a refreshing change of pace to combat the Walking Dead’s in the entertainment industry can be found in Warm Bodies. Continue reading


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Apparently I haven’t posted in weeks; it seemed like two at the most. I offer my sincerest apologies, but to be honest I haven’t watched many movies (you’ll see why in a few days). To make up for it, I’ll be posting a few short reviews in the coming days as I ease back into writing these things. So naturally, I start off with a movie that went completely over my head: Rushmore. Continue reading

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