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Reader Request: Pitch Perfect

pitch perfect poster

This is LONG overdo, but I am finally fulfilling a reader request for Pitch Perfect. Frankly, I forgot about the requests page so I don’t blame you all for not sending in suggestions. That’s all over now, though. Send in your requests and suggestions!!! Anyway, here’s Pitch Perfect. Continue reading


Rock of Ages

rock of ages poster

Rock of Ages follows a small town girl (Julianne Hough) as she ventures into the grimy, sinful streets of Los Angeles during the height of rock n’ roll. Along the way she falls in love with the city boy (Diego Boneta), meets the rock legend oozing sex, filthy music, and sex (Tom Cruise), and essentially finds out starting from nothing in Los Angeles—even if you look like Hough—is not easy. An equally difficult task, apparently, is separating the story from its Broadway origins and creating a Hollywood film. Continue reading



We all have that celebrity crush that others question. It’s that celebrity who may not appeal to someone else, but really gets you, you know? Frankly, I think everyone has more than one because, let’s be honest, some of them you won’t admit to. How many tough men are going to admit to having a soft spot for Katy Perry? That line won’t be very long. Personally, I have a not-so-mild crush on Lizzy Caplan – I don’t mean the Mean Girls Caplan, though. I know many that agree with me, but I also know many who raise an eyebrow while throwing an inquisitive “really?” my way. The point is, I watched Bachelorette because it has a Party Down reunion with Caplan and Adam Scott; I won’t even lie. Continue reading

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

atlantis poster

Personal biases play a large role in determining the entertainment value of a movie. In the case of Disney animated films, these subjective experiences assume an even more influential role, as one’s state of mind, generation, and personal background all fuel the viewer’s ability to escape into the presented world. As such, my viewing of Atlantis: The Lost Empire was altered by my background studying Linguistics. So, subjectively, Atlantis came across as potentially more enjoyable than upon an objective viewing. Continue reading

Season in Review: Game of Thrones Season One

Game of Thrones poster

I have made many sad pop culture references that embarrass me and diminish my opinion, but I am about to make the worst one yet. As Kim Zolciak* from The Real Housewives of Atlanta attempted to sing, “don’t be tardy for the party.” For Game of Thrones I was late to the bloodshed, but very satisfied that I have arrived. Continue reading

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