Treasure Planet

treasure planet

Now that March Madness is over and my dreams of winning my office pool have been squashed, I can get back to watching movies. Thanks to a bracket involving Disney’s animated films I was motivated to watch a few I had not seen. First up, Treasure Planet.



The first thought inspired by TP is “Disney moved into the special effects age of animation? Interesting.” That’s it. At the time of this writing, it has been less than 24 hours since I watched Treasure Planet and I have very little to say. The movie simply fails to make a lasting impression. Sure, the animation is wondrous and colorful. Sure, the galactic imagery inspires the adventurous child in us all. Yet, these are temporary fixes that become bogged down by the typical Disney tropes.


Based on Treasure Island but in outer space, Treasure Planet follows Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as he embarks on an adventure with Dr. Doppler (David Hyde Pierce), Captain Amelia (Emma Thompson), and John Silver (Brian Murray) to find a long lost treasure.

Before you guffaw in snooty condescension, I am well aware that Treasure Planet was made for children half my age. I still remain confident that few children would view Treasure Planet the way I see other Disney films. I’m not even comparing it to the greats like The Lion King or any of the classic princess films. For instance, in the first round of the aforementioned bracket, Treasure Planet is up against Tarzan. Even after seeing the former, I will choose the latter every time. Treasure Planet does not provide any meaningful spark that piques your interest and holds your attention.

Treasure Planet 2

I have always thought of this film in conjunction with Atlantis (which I’ll be viewing soon) as the new age of more technological animation—at least by Disney standards. While this is great, it does not mask a lack in content and substance. Treasure Planet lacks a memorable lead, intricate plotline or even a true villain. It’s as blasé as they come.

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