Season in Review: Game of Thrones Season One

Game of Thrones poster

I have made many sad pop culture references that embarrass me and diminish my opinion, but I am about to make the worst one yet. As Kim Zolciak* from The Real Housewives of Atlanta attempted to sing, “don’t be tardy for the party.” For Game of Thrones I was late to the bloodshed, but very satisfied that I have arrived.



Game of Thrones is not a show you can just start on a whim and understand the gist of it from a half hour, or even a full episode. The nature of the plot is so convoluted and complex that it takes a season to even get an idea of the interconnected relationships between the families and how they fit into the mold of Westeros. While this is a daunting task, the show moves seamlessly from one family/clan to the next.

At no point in the first season do you feel truly lost. Occasionally, a name will be thrown out that is confusing, but in typical television fashion, everything is explained with child-like simplicity. What really grabs your attention, though, is the richness to the characters.

game of thrones 1

This, in large part, is a result of George R. R. Martin’s writing, but translating a complex book of this fantastical base into an easily-navigable tale of treachery and deceit is quite a feat. From Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) and his myriad of children to Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) and her clan of Aryan-wet-dream children, each clan has a group of characters deserving of episodes devoted solely to their lineage and growth.

The beauty of the first season, as well, is that knowledge of spoilers does nothing to discredit the story. As you’ve no doubt heard by now, people die in Game of Thrones; scratch that, a lot of people die. And some of them are the characters you’d least expect. Having known about a few key deaths beforehand did nothing to detract from the suspense and action. I still found myself wishing and hoping that what I’d heard was wrong and felt no less devastated upon a certain death. Similar to horror films or the war genre, the easiest path to survival is do not get attached to a character.

game of thrones 2

While I did not watch the series premier and immediately develop insomnia until I finished the season, I did get completely involved in the story and drama – as a few texts to friends can indicate my melodramatic nature…I think the words “moon of my life” and “why have you forsaken me” appeared. If you, like me, had been putting Game of Thrones off, get over your stubborn nature and get going. The fervor surrounding the third season is substantiated.

*The one saving grace from this reference is that I had to look up her name. I just remembered the title of the song.

  1. Sh*t going down on season 3! Loved season 1 and its been consistent through the seasons 😀

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