Reader Request: Pitch Perfect

pitch perfect poster

This is LONG overdo, but I am finally fulfilling a reader request for Pitch Perfect. Frankly, I forgot about the requests page so I don’t blame you all for not sending in suggestions. That’s all over now, though. Send in your requests and suggestions!!! Anyway, here’s Pitch Perfect.



Beca (Anna Kendrick) is a reluctant freshman that would rather have moved to LA to become a DJ than enroll in school. In an effort to branch out and possibly make friends, she unwittingly entangles herself in the cutthroat world of a cappella with the Barden Belles, the university’s all-female group. She brings a spark of innovation to the traditional group as they toil in a rivalry with the all-male group led by Bumper (Adam DeVine, Workaholics) and love interest/Dane Cook-look-alike Jesse (Skylar Astin).

Pitch Perfect is, simply put, a lot of fun. Kendrick is a solid lead and is surrounded by an interesting cast, particularly a ginger-haired Brittany Snow and an uninhibited Rebel Wilson. The music runs rampant and showcases the positive, entertaining aspects of a cappella. We don’t see the immense practice required to get in rhythm with a half dozen other singers, but this is referenced a few times.

pitch perfect 1

Personally, the winners here were Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins as the dim-witted, misogynistic announcers for the a cappella events. If you’ve seen Dodgeball you remember Jason Bateman and Gary Cole stealing the show; here we have an equally side-splitting case. Banks and Higgins work so well together balancing the absurdity of a national a cappella event with the asinine commentary provided at such events. Many, if not all, of the best lines come from these two.

Any problems with the movie are minor in nature and realistically could be fleshed out in the upcoming sequel set for 2015. Similar to the way the Barden Belles use the same song year in and year out, Pitch Perfect rehashes many of the same jokes throughout. From the constant self-aware jabs about the nerdy nature of a cappella to the incessant puns (a ca-scuse me), we are given the same thing to laugh at over and over again. Luckily, there are enough unique jokes sprinkled in to dispel any boredom.

pitch perfect 2

One thing I hope is fixed for the sequel is character development. Pitch Perfect nails the musical numbers, but completely disregards building upon any backstories. For our protagonist Beca, we are simply given an overview of her troubles and why she is filled with angst despite being talented, beautiful, and clever. The movie touches on divorce, obesity, and career-altering injuries, but never probes any deeper than labeling certain characters by hollow traits (e.g. Fat Amy, or Aubrey the Control-Freak).

In any case, I can definitely see and feel the appeal behind Pitch Perfect. It deftly mixes a traditional style with more contemporary flavors. Ultimately, it matches and surpasses its goal in being immensely entertaining. When done correctly, a remix can be as beloved as the original. Pitch Perfect provides a few in refreshing manner.

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