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For a Good Time, Call…

for a good time call poster

Sex sells. Why do you think Playboy has been so wildly successful since its inception in 1953? Now more than ever all levels of nouns (people, places and things) are being hyped up and sexualized. Even with the growth of the Internet as a means for sexually motivated content and the rebirth of adult novels — a la Fifty Shades of Grey — we often forget another medium that is still surviving despite common perceptions: the hotline. Continue reading

Iron Man 3


The superhero/comic book genre has really changed in the past thirteen years. In 2000, we were given revolutionary films like X-Men and Unbreakable that delved a little deeper into what it means to be a hero. Nowadays, the man or woman behind the mask is more prevalent than the titular character. The hero is no longer defined by the powers or gadgetry or even the bravado…Well, these things help, but the real focus now is how that super-ness takes a toll on the person and those around him or her. Iron Man 3 goes a little further into the depths of Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) and what makes him tick…or mechanically whir.   Continue reading

Safe House


If Hollywood films are any indication, the CIA is full of betrayal and treachery. The people we have entrusted our country’s secrets with turn out to be the most permeable vaults imaginable. To make matters worse, we train them to be ruthless killers who can handle torture better than most of us can the pain of stepping on a Lego. Daniel Espinosa’s Safe House ends up being another in the long line of “who’s the bad guy in the CIA” films released since The Bourne Identity. Continue reading

Pain and Gain


A dangerous combination is an abundance of self-entitlement mixed vigorously with a paucity of intelligence. It’s a tried and true theme amongst comedians: the overly confident American. Childhood in America, for the most part, includes ceaseless support and adulation for the attempt, and only slightly more praise for the success. Every kid gets a trophy in little league and even the kids with failing grades will have something they’re “good” at on the note home to mom. So what happens when less-than-intelligent kids grow up thinking they are above the rest of the world? Pain and Gain happens. Continue reading

The Cabin in the Woods


I am by no means a horror film aficionado; I hardly even watch horror films actually. Yet, it seems the tropes are still the same and the general idea has remained static. One piece of the genre that seems to be growing is the self-indulgent mocking of the classic themes and tools. This is often performed in the typical tongue-in-cheek manner of most parodies, but the film retains an air of earnestness to ensure the audience knows the goal is to entice fear. Occasionally, as is the case with The Cabin in the Woods, we get something wholly unique and creative that ups the ante to a different level. Continue reading

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