Delhi Belly (India)


What if I told you there is a Bollywood film that is only 103 minutes long, has two dance sequences, and only one marriage (in a dream no less!!)?? You’d no doubt call me a crazy bhenchod! Even more ridiculous is the fact that Delhi Belly is immensely entertaining despite its lack of Bollywood eccentricities.



Delhi Belly follows Tashi (Imran Khan) and his two roommates, Nitin and Arup, after they unknowingly and mistakenly deliver one roomie’s stool sample to a crime lord instead of his desired package. What follows is a series of misunderstandings and dimwitted antics that remain good-natured and light-hearted throughout.

Potentially the most bizarre aspect of Belly is the language barrier. A majority of the film is in English. However, this English is spoken with such a deep Indian accent and quick tempo that I had difficulty understanding them. Eventually I caved and turned on the subtitles, making the whole experience much easier and more enjoyable. If you plan on watching it, I strongly suggest turning them on from the get-go because later on there are some erratic scenes in Hindi.

delhi-belly 1

Once you understand what is being said, Delhi Belly allows you to sit back and relax with a fast-paced, but infinitely fun storyline. Tashi is mild-mannered and collected in the face of chaos, so naturally he is our hero. His personality is slightly boring, but considering the fact that Arup and Nitin are energetic, lovable fools, his lack of vitality is actually welcomed.

As mentioned, Belly avoids the typical Bollywood style by cutting the length in half and focusing more on hilarious events than colorful imagery and songs. Yes, there are a few moments with dances and singing, but it wouldn’t be Indian if there weren’t any scenes of that nature.


I have not watched many (re: any) Indian films in recent years, but Belly seems to be a nice crossover between those standard Bollywood styles and the modern Hollywood turnouts. It deftly combines the Hollywood cinematic style with the true Indian spirit.

The beauty behind this film, though, is how genuine it is. The characters are likable and no one seems to have the conceit currently permeating the films hitting our screens in the U.S. I’ve mentioned it before in this space, but a film benefits most from a crew that enjoys what they’re doing. The people behind the screen and on it construct an excellent product here and I strongly recommend giving it a go.

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