Fast and Furious 6

fast 6 poster

Similar to music, a list of someone’s favorite movies gives you a little look into their personality. For me, if a person doesn’t include a stupid, entertaining film in their list of favorites, it’s a telling sign of their sense of humor. So when I say that movies like Wayne’s World, Tommy Boy, and Bio Dome (yes, that Bio Dome) are some of my childhood favorites, you best be on board. There’s nothing like a good stupid movie. It serves one purpose, and one purpose only: escape reality. Few movies in recent years have done that better than Fast and Furious 6.



This iteration of the franchise is my introduction so I’m going to just use actor names. Dwayne Johnson needs to catch Luke Evans, so naturally to think like a criminal he enlists criminals in the form of a sleepy Vin Diesel and his crew that includes Paul Walker’s eyes, Jordana Brewster’s jawline, Tyrese Gibson’s forehead, and Ludacris’ lack of afro. There’s also an awesome Asian dude named Sung Kang and a sultry Brazilian (I think? Help me out in the comments. The actress is Israeli, but I’m unsure of the character) named Gal Gadot. All the while Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano fight in a battle to see if Rodriguez can even make it seem like she’d come close to annoying Carano in a fight (spoiler: it’s obvious which one knows how to fight).

To put it lightly, Fast and Furious 6 is a giant, Samoan Thor-sized middle finger to the movie industry. Plot be damned. Dialog be damned. Feasible action sequences be damned. Think of something that is part of a good movie and kick it square in the face because that’s what this movie does…and it’s epic.


I cannot stress this enough: do not think when seeing this movie. From the first moment, the fast cars and absurd storyline grab you and never let go. As the “story” moves on through short, plot-moving dialog, the action sequences become more ridiculous. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the writers had a dartboard with ideas and threw three at a time to figure out each sequence. Example: Bridge over water, tank, girl flying. BAM, make it happen, and make it happen they did.

While the original crew is great—except Vin Diesel who could probably show more emotion and be more intelligible after a botox injection—I enjoyed Johnson and Evans the most. Johnson brings that affable charm that seems to ooze from his million-dollar smile. The man is the epitome of monstrous, with biceps that’d make my quadriceps look like the arms of a Victoria’s Secret model, but you never are given the impression that he’d make you feel anything but welcome in his presence. Does this make him a good actor? Not really, but there are certainly worse actors in the industry…and this movie. Meanwhile, Luke Evans is just a badass plain and simple.


I’d suggest finding this in theaters before it’s gone because seeing it with a large group adds to the effect. You get to laugh at the absurdities with your fellow audience members and revel in a truly entertaining film. Pro tip – if you have to pee during the runway scene, don’t worry, there’ll be at least another 150 miles of track for them to use. Go see it!

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