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Don Jon’s Appeal is Only Skin Deep

(ScreenCrush)Clean the apartment. Gym. Club. Sex. Porn. Church. Family Dinner. Repeat. This is the first half of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Don Jon,” his feature film directorial debut. JGL takes the interesting premise of a superficial guy who enjoys porn more than sex—for its ability to let him escape—and cranks that up to eleven. He sets the scene in New Jersey with thick accents, excessive hair product, muscles and tight dresses only to emphasize the sexual nature of the film with quick cuts of porn and sex with random girls he finds at the clubs.

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

confessions poster

George Clooney is in the midst of directing his fifth movie. His previous films, especially Ides of March and Good Night, and Good Luck, all showcased a stylized aesthetic and solid anecdotal fluidity. So what happened with his debut, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? Charlie Kaufman happened. Continue reading

Despicable Me 2


There seem to be two types of animated movies hitting the screen these days: the kid’s movie for kids and the kid’s movie for adults. The only difference seems to be who is included in the appeal. The first Despicable Me appealed to children and adults, but still leaned more on the children’s side. The sequel, Despicable Me 2, seems to tip completely over into the kid’s realm. Continue reading

Premium Rush

premium rush poster

The marketing campaign for Premium Rush made it seem like a film focusing on bicycle parkour, with stunts on par with the Fast and Furious franchise. After watching it, however, I realized how difficult it must have been to create a trailer. The story never builds and the action stays at the same pace throughout. Therefore, it gets a grade just on the negative side of neutral—it’s JGL so it can’t be all bad. Continue reading

Hotel Transylvania

hotel transylvania poster

We all have beloved characters. So when a film or tv show decides to combine multiple characters from different stories at once, it’s a real treat. The Avengers did it with superheroes; Hotel Transylvania does it with classic movie monsters. Yet, the only truly memorable thing about Hotel is how much it relies on contemporary pop culture to entertain. Continue reading

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