Middle of Nowhere

Dorian Spitz (Anton Yelchin) is trying to find out where he belongs and what path he wants to take. Grace Berry (Eva Amurri) is simply trying to make ends meet to get on the path she wants. During one summer working at a water park in Middle of Nowhere, they decide to work together and sell pot to make a little extra money. Continue reading



“It’s just going to be 300 with Mickey Rourke and gods.” This is what the majority of moviegoers thought about Immortals when first viewing the trailer. For the most part, they turned out to be right. Continue reading

Black Snake Moan

You will be hard-pressed to find a cinematic experience quite like Black Snake Moan. Most films tackle social issues one or two at a time. BSM decides to go after race, religion, female sexuality, domestic violence, drug addiction, mental disorders and more in one of the most bizarre routes possible. Continue reading

Tron: Legacy

Flashing lights and CG can only take a movie so far. For a movie to contain substance there has to be much more behind or within the images. Tron: Legacy is filled with aesthetics. It’s anything substantial that is lacking. Continue reading

Arthur Christmas

Every year, movie studios churn out the newest batch of Christmas movies that attempt to answer two questions: “What is the true meaning of Christmas?” and “How does Santa deliver presents to every boy and girl?” This is an undoubtedly daunting task for one film in a limited space, simultaneously staying relevant with the modern popular culture, especially since there have been so many attempts in the past. Arthur Christmas conquers these obstacles within the first ten minutes, and keeps up the pace throughout. Christmas takes the traditional format for holiday films, and gives it the technological advancement that has become the defining symbol of this generation. Continue reading

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