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The Rum Diary

Higher expectations can often lead to greater disappointment. It’s a cynical view, but undeniably true. What were my expectations regarding The Rum Diary? To be honest, I saw the trailer and thought, “Johnny Depp working within his wheelhouse. Aaron Eckhart supporting and Amber Heard being Amber Heard. How bad can it be?” With Diary, I got all of that—especially (read: thankfully) Amber—mixed in between a lot of unnecessary fluff. Continue reading

Battle: Los Angeles

Watching a film like Battle: Los Angeles, you can’t help but wonder what the goal or message is supposed to be. Since there is literally less than twenty minutes of non-war scenes, the message – apart from don’t let the aliens take over Earth – never fully surfaces and you’re left with a relentless onslaught of shaky camera angles and shouted military code. Continue reading

Conversations with Other Women

“Time really can’t move in two directions.” Sometimes we try to make up for lost time, or rewrite our past by changing the present in a way that is ill-advised. Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter attempt to relive their pasts, right some wrongs and briefly escape their presents in Conversations with Other Women. Continue reading

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