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Lucy Thinks You’re Stupid

lucymxdwn1Let’s be honest. The structure of a movie plot often follows the same outline. Occasionally filmmakers will play with the timeline (Irréversible; Two for the Road) or create something experimental (Stanley Kubrick’s filmography). Since the formula often repeats, viewers can guess where things are going and discern the cause and effect relationship of scenes. That being said, there is usually an unwritten agreement between filmmaker and viewer stating that the film will give clues, but it is up to the audience to find them and solve the puzzle.

Lucy is not that type of movie. Luc Besson’s attempt at answering life’s most meaningful questions is an exposé on the concept of “hear dog, see dog” and an opportunity to give a huge middle finger to clues. Continue reading

Snowpiercer Is A Must-See

Entertainment Weekly released its “Apocalypse Issue” this week with a Mad Max cover and various stories of zombies, plagues and disaster. The slate of apocalyptic, dystopian-future-set films is vast and often interchangeable. One issue that has yet to be exhausted in the last few years, however, is climate change. In comes the environmental warning, culture-meld that is Snowpiercer.

Written and directed by Joon-ho Bong (The Host; Memories of Murder) and based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, Snowpiercer tackles climate change with fierce bleakness, often glaring at the audience with a stark warning of how carnal life can get in the darkest (and coldest) of hours. Continue reading

Oldboy (South Korea)

oldboy poster

According to everyone’s trusted source, Wikipedia, a cult film (or classic) is a film that has acquired a significant, devoted following often years or decades after the film’s initial release. Oldboy was released in 2003 and has since grown in legend and reputation. The cult fervor over this Korean revenge drama grew to the point that the U.S. simply had to remake it. The update, directed by Spike Lee and starring Josh Brolin, looks to retain some of the intensity, but the question is whether or not the content will make the cultural transition. Continue reading

Premium Rush

premium rush poster

The marketing campaign for Premium Rush made it seem like a film focusing on bicycle parkour, with stunts on par with the Fast and Furious franchise. After watching it, however, I realized how difficult it must have been to create a trailer. The story never builds and the action stays at the same pace throughout. Therefore, it gets a grade just on the negative side of neutral—it’s JGL so it can’t be all bad. Continue reading


Lockout poster

In order to push the plot along movies often use slight tweaks to lead the audience in one direction and help the story get to a certain point. Oh, the kids stuck in a cabin with a serial killer can either split up to “cover more ground” or they can stay together to prevent more deaths from happening. Or how about when the good guy is crowded by seven henchmen who attack one at a time until each one is unconscious. Moments like these are often a necessary evil to get to the climax, but sometimes they can be insulting to the audience’s intelligence—like Lockout. Continue reading

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