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Reader Request: Persepolis (France)


I lied yesterday. There are certainly more than two categories of animation. A key one that I failed to mention was the adult-themed movie shown through the style and eyes of a child. These films take a complex subject and simplify it to the point where anyone, even a child, could grasp the concept. Mary and Max did it beautifully with Asperger’s/Autism. Persepolis does it with the Iranian Revolution, a historic event with political ramifications to this day. Continue reading

Despicable Me 2


There seem to be two types of animated movies hitting the screen these days: the kid’s movie for kids and the kid’s movie for adults. The only difference seems to be who is included in the appeal. The first Despicable Me appealed to children and adults, but still leaned more on the children’s side. The sequel, Despicable Me 2, seems to tip completely over into the kid’s realm. Continue reading

Is it possible for a movie to be compelling in 7 minutes?

Yes, yes it is.

Rarely do I find something that makes me feel the need to post it here outside of my normal reviews. However, today – with all credit going to Game Over Man! – The Saga of Bjorn has captured my attention. This little project boasts some fun animation and a great sequence of events for our tragic hero, Bjorn, as he tries to die an honorable death. Offer up seven minutes of your time to watch! Link after the jump… Continue reading

Hotel Transylvania

hotel transylvania poster

We all have beloved characters. So when a film or tv show decides to combine multiple characters from different stories at once, it’s a real treat. The Avengers did it with superheroes; Hotel Transylvania does it with classic movie monsters. Yet, the only truly memorable thing about Hotel is how much it relies on contemporary pop culture to entertain. Continue reading

Monsters University


Monsters, Inc. garnered such adoration for its imaginative premise and endlessly lovable characters—if you don’t like Boo, you’re a soulless, shell of a human being and should be ashamed of yourself! Its long-awaited sequel, Monsters University, does not boast a unique premise, nor are there as many memorable characters (beyond Mike and Sully). However, this does not signal a drop in imagination; you just have to pay attention to find it. Continue reading

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