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Man of Steel

man of steel poster

To say the expectations for Man of Steel were high is an understatement, to say the least. Attaching Zack Snyder’s unique style to a screenplay that had Christopher Nolan’s name in the mix rightfully ignited the flames of Hollywood hype. Further adding fuel were the five—count ‘em, FIVE— full-length trailers that showcased the new suit and each of Superman’s powers. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises (No Spoilers)

I hope Christopher Nolan realizes what he’s done. With the epic stories he has put on the screen from this Batman trilogy to stuff like Inception, everything he does from now on will be held up to the highest of standards. We want our minds blown, so he better deliver! Well, with The Dark Knight Rises I wouldn’t say my mind was blown, but it’s definitely a good movie. Continue reading


Christopher Nolan sure loves the reveal at the end of his movies, doesn’t he? From works like Inception and The Prestige, Nolan has built a reputation for the mind-blowing, puzzling films that have confused and awed audiences. After viewing his recent work, even Memento, it is clear his style has not been altered and stems from his first full-length feature, Following. Continue reading

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