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An Education

There are tons of films that have been classified as coming-of-age tales, where experience is gained, lessons learned and character built. It’s a genre that has been tried and tested over and over. Sometimes the story inspires you, while oftentimes you are left indifferent. An Education, in a way, does neither. It’s simply a well-made movie with solid performances all around. Continue reading

Growing Op

What makes a family normal? Is there a guide to the formation of a “normal” nuclear family unit? I assume it would include a steady income for the parents, school for the kids and a comfortable living establishment, right? So, if that steady income is procured by illegal means and the kids are homeschooled, does that make a family abnormal even if they love and care for each other more than most families? These are only some of the questions proposed by the comedy Growing Op. Continue reading

16 to Life

In an effort to kill preordained gender roles, movies have featured more and more independent, intelligent and witty female leads (many of them younger, think Emma Stone), but they always include one stereotypical feature, or “dream” if you will: the desire for a real love that overtakes their emotions. 16 to Life throws that last feature at you for about eighty-five minutes. Continue reading

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