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Fast and Furious 6

fast 6 poster

Similar to music, a list of someone’s favorite movies gives you a little look into their personality. For me, if a person doesn’t include a stupid, entertaining film in their list of favorites, it’s a telling sign of their sense of humor. So when I say that movies like Wayne’s World, Tommy Boy, and Bio Dome (yes, that Bio Dome) are some of my childhood favorites, you best be on board. There’s nothing like a good stupid movie. It serves one purpose, and one purpose only: escape reality. Few movies in recent years have done that better than Fast and Furious 6. Continue reading

Pain and Gain


A dangerous combination is an abundance of self-entitlement mixed vigorously with a paucity of intelligence. It’s a tried and true theme amongst comedians: the overly confident American. Childhood in America, for the most part, includes ceaseless support and adulation for the attempt, and only slightly more praise for the success. Every kid gets a trophy in little league and even the kids with failing grades will have something they’re “good” at on the note home to mom. So what happens when less-than-intelligent kids grow up thinking they are above the rest of the world? Pain and Gain happens. Continue reading

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