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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Incidentally, this is post 200!!!! Thanks for reading! I promise to have another Battle Royale soon.

Salmon fishing poster

I would love to have been in the pitch room for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Imagine the look on the faces of numerous studio executives when writers Simon Beaufoy and Paul Torday described their film as a wondrous tale about fishing in the Yemen and so much more. The initial reaction could not have been enthusiastic, or anything beyond bewilderment. However, I must thank the BBC or CBS exec that took a chance because Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a delightful film.

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Reader Request: Haywire

This is a long-overdue Reader Request that I finally got to see because I didn’t have to pay for it. Thank God, too, because what is an action film that has no dialog, no real explosions, no purpose, weird music and a beautiful woman who beats men unconscious with her legs? Not much. Well…Haywire is just that. Continue reading


No one should have to hide who they really are or how they really feel. Others around them end up getting hurt more often as a result. Take Beginners as an example. A man, Hal (Christopher Plummer), lives out his marriage as a straight man, only to confess to his son, Oliver (Ewan McGregor), that he has always been gay. Continue reading

Big Fish

Why do we believe something we hear/read/see? Some of it is known fact so the believing comes a little easier. Sometimes we believe in something to find an answer we were desperately seeking, whether it is right or wrong. Yet, sometimes we believe because the truth is a less desirable circumstance. As children, we believe everything our parents tell us because they are the sole authority on all knowledge in the world. As we grow, we find our own truths and decipher what should still be believed and what can be thrown in with the rest of the Big Fish. Continue reading

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