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Short Term 12 Demands (And Commands) Your Attention

short121Imagine starting a new job at a foster care facility for at-risk children. On your first day you meet your coworkers and hear some of their stories. One colleague gleefully recounts his embarrassing story of an unfortunate combination of his own bowel trouble and a child that broke free from the compound. Suddenly, a screaming boy bolts from the building behind you.

Your storyteller and his seasoned colleague begrudgingly put their coffee down and tell you to follow. The three of you chase down the maniacal boy and restrain him on the ground until his feverish screaming subsides. When your storyteller’s breathing regulates, he¬†finishes the tale of pants-soiling shame as if nothing extraordinary had just occurred.

This is the magnetic opening scene of Short Term 12, the beautiful, gut-wrenching story of broken kids and previously broken adults trying to come to terms with their pasts. Continue reading


It may be cliché, but how we react to adversity has an influence on our personal growth and development. We are constantly facing new challenges that bring to light new traits, good or bad, about ourselves that we must embrace. As Sam Wexler (Josh Radnor) points out in HappyThankYouMorePlease, every five years or so we will look back at our actions and think about how much of an ass we were. Continue reading

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