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The most recent TED talk covers the touching tale of a young boy’s wish to make his teddy bear a real friend and the pair live happily ever after… Wait, that might be wrong. Oh, right. Ted is a film still about that boy, but it would definitely be out-of-place amongst TED talks. Continue reading

Lost in Translation

Open-ended films really bring out the best emotions in audiences. The most recent, and hotly debated, example of this is Inception, but I won’t get into those questions here. The one question I have is: What does he whisper?! Lost in Translation was released in 2003 and I had heard plenty about the ending before finally viewing it. Luckily, knowing what is to come ultimately does not affect your stance on the film. Continue reading

Reader Request: Contraband

The amount of working parts needed to make a film flow smoothly never ceases to amaze me. What’s even more amazing is the ability of these details to derail a movie once they are made apparent. The confusing camera work in Contraband takes you out of a movie that has a surprising amount of suspense. Continue reading

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