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Talk about contrast. Yesterday, we had Blue Valentine where starry-eyed lovers agreed upon marriage. Today, we have Arthur with a billionaire playboy willing to relinquish his massive inheritance just to guarantee he marries someone of his own choosing that he actually loves. It really puts Dean and Cindy’s decisions into perspective. They can find solace in knowing their movie is immensely better though. Continue reading

75th Post: Battle Royale: Friends with Benefits vs. No Strings Attached


We’re at it again folks, only this time the fight is a little…sexier. Guy meets girl (or vice versa). Both are beautiful – shocking – so there is a mutual attraction that just cannot be ignored. Hold up! They are both emotionally damaged so they don’t want the frivolities of a standard relationship. No, they want to keep it Olivia Newton John style. Two movies, two former ballerinas, six months apart, but which one was actually worth seeing – if either. Battle Royale #2: No Strings Attached vs. Friends with Benefits Continue reading

Damsels in Distress – Opens April 6th

I had the opportunity of attending the movie premiere of Damsels in Distress. Fun experience, but well, here’s the review:

There is social commentary in the form of exaggerated characters, and there is overkill. Damsels in Distress leans and falls towards the latter category. Each and every person – except one – is such an exaggerated version of a stereotype that the movie loses focus on its own goals and escapes the audience fairly quickly. Continue reading

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