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The B…B…Brilliance of The King’s Speech

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I don’t need to tell you of how brilliant The King’s Speech is. How beautifully it captures a royal’s struggle, makes him human. How the excellent screenplay—coupled with deliberate, careful editing—pushes the story along in a breezy, natural way. How each and every scene conveys an important message or emotion that is vital to the tale.

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Big Fish

Why do we believe something we hear/read/see? Some of it is known fact so the believing comes a little easier. Sometimes we believe in something to find an answer we were desperately seeking, whether it is right or wrong. Yet, sometimes we believe because the truth is a less desirable circumstance. As children, we believe everything our parents tell us because they are the sole authority on all knowledge in the world. As we grow, we find our own truths and decipher what should still be believed and what can be thrown in with the rest of the Big Fish. Continue reading

Dark Shadows

Love makes people do crazy things. Some people move across a country (or the globe) to be with the one they love. Some sacrifice their lives to ensure a happier life for their betrothed. Others, like Angelique (Eva Green), curse their loved-one’s family, turn him into a vampire, force people to commit suicide and cause a general misery to befall a family for over two centuries, but, you know, moving is pretty drastic too so can we really judge? Continue reading

Conversations with Other Women

“Time really can’t move in two directions.” Sometimes we try to make up for lost time, or rewrite our past by changing the present in a way that is ill-advised. Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter attempt to relive their pasts, right some wrongs and briefly escape their presents in Conversations with Other Women. Continue reading

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