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A common argument these days regarding the film industry is a lack of imagination. Creativity in story, genre, style, what have you, is lacking. Personally, I feel this is a very narrow view as the only lack of creativity is coming from the blockbuster films that crowd your airways, Internet sites and magazines. Lesser-known directors working on smaller budgets are proving there is still room for innovation within these overdone themes. For Chronicle, the film itself lands somewhere between the blockbusters and the indie films. For its director, Josh Trank, a bright future of innovation and creativity lies ahead.

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Maybe it’s just me, but the entertainment industry has a warped view of contemporary public high schools. It seems one of two things is happening in most high school movies/tv series: the school is a haven for thugs, criminals, future (or current) prostitutes and strippers with no sense of moral integrity or respect, or the school is one big cesspool of hormones waiting to explode. This dichotomy inevitably leads to hope for the future from the former school, and immature humor from the latter. Detachment avoids this funnel of emotions—barely—by making everything as devoid of happiness and hope as possible. Continue reading

Dirty Deeds

It’s a little late in the day and I hadn’t even planned on reviewing this film, so we’ll do something a little different. Dirty Deeds is a high school comedy where a student tries to become the first in years to complete 10 ridiculous dares before Homecoming. Tagline: 10 Deeds, 12 Hours, One Wild Night. Here are 10 things about the film (even though I doubt I need to say more): Continue reading


Films that cover misfits finding solace in one another to ultimately raise their self-esteem often include fantastical events not pertaining to real life. Also, the “misfits” are twenty-five-year-olds and their characters would generally be considered normal, unassuming teenagers. Terri breaks the mold by sticking to reality and casting (mostly) actors of appropriate age, but can’t escape the potential for normalcy in the main character. Continue reading

21 Jump Street

Touché Channing Tatum. Touché. When I first heard that it would be Tatum and Jonah Hill as the stars of 21 Jump Street, I thought there’d be no chance the duo could mutually coexist in a comedic fashion. Thankfully, my presumptions were off base and proven to be ill-advised. Continue reading

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