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Real Steel

real steel poster

There are certain things in life that make everything much easier and you don’t even notice. In a movie, quality writing, or even mediocre writing, is something that you never notice because, when done properly, the film will flow seamlessly. However, when the writing is lacking it is painfully apparent and the majesty of film is lost entirely. For a film like Real Steel that had reasonable potential to be entertaining, the lack of quality dialog and writing prevented a complete film from being made.

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Butter poster

Everybody is good at something, and there are definitely some supremely talented people in this world. However, sometimes these people are much better than you at something you enjoy and it sends you into a table-flipping rage (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻). In Butter, the talent du jour is using butter to create magnificent sculptures and Laura (Jennifer Garner) is not happy she has real competition. Continue reading

50th Post: Battle Royale: The Prestige VS. The Illusionist


Here we have it. A battle royale of magical proportions. The Prestige VS. The Illusionist. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman vs. Edward Norton. Scarlett Johannson vs. Jessica Biel. Batman and Wolverine vs. the Hulk…wait. No matter where your allegiances lie, this is a solid battle. Which should you watch? Continue reading

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