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Ruby Sparks


Inspiration comes from the most spontaneous of places. One minute you’re swamped trying to find an opening for a review concerning a movie you enjoyed; the next you’re just writing hoping people will continue reading… Sorry, I got off track. Right, inspiration. For me, the greatest part about being inspired by something is once you finally put it into action. As struggling novelist Calvin (Paul Dano) finds out in Ruby Sparks, maybe seeing your inspiration in action isn’t as heavenly as you’d imagine. Continue reading

Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed poster

A moment may be fleeting, but the memory lasts a lifetime. It’s an old adage, but remains relevant for certain circumstances. We all possess one moment in our lives of true happiness. From there, we either spend the rest of our lifetime trying to replicate that ecstasy, or we spend that time trying to reenact that singular moment. As some lead unfortunately tragic lives, the latter goal becomes an obsession. We see this obsession in Safety Not Guaranteed and how it makes a great film. Continue reading


It may be cliché, but how we react to adversity has an influence on our personal growth and development. We are constantly facing new challenges that bring to light new traits, good or bad, about ourselves that we must embrace. As Sam Wexler (Josh Radnor) points out in HappyThankYouMorePlease, every five years or so we will look back at our actions and think about how much of an ass we were. Continue reading

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