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This Is the End

this is the end poster

It’s all about who you know, right? And who do those bigwig Hollywood types know? Other bigwig Hollywood types. If you need evidence, just check out the last two Best Picture winners, The Artist and Argo. Critics seem to love the movies that hold a mirror up to the industry. While This Is the End is everything Hollywood and more, it’s getting such great reviews because it is actually just really funny. Continue reading

127 Hours

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You’d think a film about a man stuck in a canyon with his arm wedged between a boulder and a wall would be quite boring until the decision to rid himself of the arm comes into play. As 127 Hours proves, this could not be further from the truth. Continue reading


What makes a word, a phrase, or an entire work obscene to one person, may not apply to another. We all have different barriers at which we regard something vulgar and lacking proper taste. As we see in Howl, a film about Allen Ginsberg (James Franco) and his poem of the same name, in America every person has a right to determine for themselves what is obscene and what is tolerable. Continue reading

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