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Reader Request: The Hedgehog (France)

hedgehog poster

When you’re a kid, everything seems to be either the best or worst. That one piece of candy you eat is the greatest thing you’d ever tasted. On the other side, that one time your dad yelled at you was the worst moment ever and he obviously doesn’t care about you. As a result, when a movie like The Hedgehog centers its story on a hyper-intelligent eleven-year-old who plans to commit suicide, I am hesitant to accept her reasoning as justified, or even absolute. Luckily, The Hedgehog works as an excellent character study for adults and children alike. Continue reading

Lost in Translation

Open-ended films really bring out the best emotions in audiences. The most recent, and hotly debated, example of this is Inception, but I won’t get into those questions here. The one question I have is: What does he whisper?! Lost in Translation was released in 2003 and I had heard plenty about the ending before finally viewing it. Luckily, knowing what is to come ultimately does not affect your stance on the film. Continue reading

Reader Request: The Ramen Girl

Any movie about the Japanese culture has to mention the strong Japanese spirit. The belief saying we must do things from the heart and not from the mind. Overthinking something is seen as a sin and disgraceful to the action. The Ramen Girl uniquely shows this Japanese spirit and a not-so-well-known aspect of Japanese culture. Continue reading

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