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This Is the End

this is the end poster

It’s all about who you know, right? And who do those bigwig Hollywood types know? Other bigwig Hollywood types. If you need evidence, just check out the last two Best Picture winners, The Artist and Argo. Critics seem to love the movies that hold a mirror up to the industry. While This Is the End is everything Hollywood and more, it’s getting such great reviews because it is actually just really funny. Continue reading



A good niche market film will be able to appeal to a wide spectrum of viewers. However, evaluating a film’s overall entertainment value from within said market is a difficult endeavor. Such is the case with Goon, as my subjectivity and interest in the subject matter (a hockey comedy) potentially clouds my judgment and skews my bias. Continue reading

The Trotsky

Everyone has a hero. Whether you admit to it or not, there is someone whom you admire and irrevocably idolize. For some (most), this hero is someone within the family, or someone with whom you have contact. Others choose athletes, politicians, or celebrities. Then there are the select few who truly believe they are the reincarnate of their hero, like Leon Bronstein (Jay Baruchel). In The Trotsky, he has devoted his life to social revolution due to his ardent beliefs that he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky. Continue reading

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