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Warm Bodies

warm bodies poster

A few months back I had to do a little research into the state of the gun industry in the United States. Now, this was before the tragic events that have redefined the discourse surrounding our gun-centric culture. No, at this time, one of the biggest factors driving gun purchases was preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Gasp you should, but before you follow that with a disbelieving scoff, I found that information at reputable sites like the Washington Post and sites devoted to gun and ammunition trade shows. The point is America seems to like one thing more than guns: zombies. More importantly, how do you survive an attack and what’s your weapon of choice? Luckily, a refreshing change of pace to combat the Walking Dead’s in the entertainment industry can be found in Warm Bodies. Continue reading

Jonah Hex

With Jonah Hex, we get a mini battle royale of confusing and disappointing proportions. On one side, we have an awful story, terrible script and effects barely fit for decades ago. On the other, we have a solid cast consisting of Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender and Will Arnett making his foray into “serious” roles. The worst part is that the former, or opposition, wins in a landslide victory. Continue reading

The Great Buck Howard

The idea of a mainstream one-man show seems to have been diminished to stand-up comedy and little else. With technology reaching a point where everything is scrutinized, magic and illusionist shows have taken a backseat to more flashy, Cirque du Soleil style performances. Buck Howard (John Malkovich), a once famous mentalist who appeared on Johnny Carson’s show 61 times, is stuck trying to keep hold of the fame he savored decades ago in The Great Buck Howard. Continue reading

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