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Friends with Kids

friends with kids poster

It’s a story as old as time, really. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl become best friends. Boy and girl can’t find lifelong significant others so they decide to have a baby together to avoid the toll a kid takes on a marriage. OK, maybe this story isn’t all that old, but since Friends with Kids can’t stick to its laurels, the story becomes as old as time. Continue reading

The Town

Just because you are raised in a tough neighborhood where crime is broken down to a science instead of frowned upon, does that mean you are destined to that lifestyle forever? Charlestown, Massachusetts is infamous for its consistent crop of armed bank robbers and thieves. Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) is one of them, but as we learn in The Town, robbing banks isn’t necessarily all that defines him. Continue reading


What makes a word, a phrase, or an entire work obscene to one person, may not apply to another. We all have different barriers at which we regard something vulgar and lacking proper taste. As we see in Howl, a film about Allen Ginsberg (James Franco) and his poem of the same name, in America every person has a right to determine for themselves what is obscene and what is tolerable. Continue reading

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