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I’m Back and Just In Time

Sorry for the terrible title, but I couldn’t just come back with the normal headline—even though now I am regretting it. Why have I been gone? Simple. I love sports more than I love movies and the little tournament going on in London has left me with little time to watch movies. Unfortunately, I chose In Time as the film with which to start my comeback. Shame.   Continue reading

75th Post: Battle Royale: Friends with Benefits vs. No Strings Attached


We’re at it again folks, only this time the fight is a little…sexier. Guy meets girl (or vice versa). Both are beautiful – shocking – so there is a mutual attraction that just cannot be ignored. Hold up! They are both emotionally damaged so they don’t want the frivolities of a standard relationship. No, they want to keep it Olivia Newton John style. Two movies, two former ballerinas, six months apart, but which one was actually worth seeing – if either. Battle Royale #2: No Strings Attached vs. Friends with Benefits Continue reading

Black Snake Moan

You will be hard-pressed to find a cinematic experience quite like Black Snake Moan. Most films tackle social issues one or two at a time. BSM decides to go after race, religion, female sexuality, domestic violence, drug addiction, mental disorders and more in one of the most bizarre routes possible. Continue reading

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