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Underworld: Awakening


Ladies, it’s over. Stop worrying about your image. Game over, (wo)man. There’s officially no winning. When the stunning Kate Beckinsale is airbrushed into oblivion for Underworld: Awakening, there is just no chance for anyone to be accepted fully. So just go about your business and be happy, ladies. And yes, that is essentially the only event worth noting from the film. Continue reading

Total Recall (2012)

There are many reasons for remakes. A bit of nostalgia for the original audience, and a potentially new concept for a different generation of movie-goers, to name a few. Personally, I never saw the original Total Recall out of a complete lack of interest, and I only saw the remake because I watched my friend working on the design for the cars (what up TEA) and Kate Beckinsale is incredibly gorgeous (not to ignore Jessica Biel). In the end, those were the only interesting parts. Continue reading

Reader Request: Contraband

The amount of working parts needed to make a film flow smoothly never ceases to amaze me. What’s even more amazing is the ability of these details to derail a movie once they are made apparent. The confusing camera work in Contraband takes you out of a movie that has a surprising amount of suspense. Continue reading

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