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A Dangerous Method

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If I were more scientifically inclined, I would have loved to study psychology. The way in which the mind works is infinitely fascinating, especially the abnormalities. Some think the best way to investigate our behavior and ticks is to look biologically at our core. Others, myself included, believe one of the most intriguing ways to learn about abnormalities is to study what is on the surface: facial cues, mannerisms, speech, etc. This practice is put on display in mildly compelling fashion in A Dangerous Method. Continue reading

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

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You’ve got three weeks before an asteroid collides with Earth, ending life as we know it. What do you do? Do you take on your bucket list and finally go see that picture perfect place? Maybe you attack life with the reckless abandon you always dreamed of but never enacted due to a fear of breaking societal norms. Whatever it is, I’m sure it is more interesting than the three weeks Dodge (Steve Carell) and Penny (Keira Knightley) take on in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Continue reading

Never Let Me Go

A common practice when viewing a film is placing oneself in the position of the protagonist. What would you do in that situation? How would you react differently? Could you totally make that jump across those buildings? You know, the usual questions. Yet, occasionally a non-action, thriller or horror movie comes along that makes you question your current choices along with your hypothetical ones in the context of the film. Never Let Me Go is one of the latter films. Continue reading

Last Night

I had a lot of trouble deciding on a film to watch last night, so I’ll be honest in saying I literally only chose Last Night because I hadn’t seen a Keira Knightley movie in a while. I was also curious to see Sam Worthington in a non-action film, but realistically it was all about Knightley. Unfortunately, there was very little about Last Night that was actually interesting. Continue reading

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