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I applaud films for trying to tap into the popular culture of their time and making the theme and message of the film relevant to the social landscape of the time period, but sometimes this leads to a muddled, lackluster plot. Such is the case with ParaNorman, as the desire to benefit from the current zombie craze and fight against bullying overshadows the development of characters and leaves something to be desired. Continue reading

The Change-Up

Sometimes you just need a stupid movie to turn your brain off and laugh a little bit. With all the dark or socially motivated humor I’ve seen recently, The Change-Up is just what the doctor ordered. Continue reading


Jesse Eisenberg. The hyperactive, spastic young adult thing has worked in previous films due to unique storylines, high entertainment value and strong supporting casts. Zombieland, Adventureland, The Social Network and even 30 Minutes or Less were engaging and entertaining in their own ways. Unfortunately for Mr. Eisenberg and his film persona, Rio provided no support in any of those categories, bringing his character to the forefront of annoyance. Continue reading

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