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Swingers poster

It’s fairly common knowledge that breakups are hard. They take an emotional toll that erodes self-confidence and often kills personal drive. Consequently, reigniting your love life, or even social life, is even harder. Jon Favreau clearly has felt this pain considering the authenticity of Swingers. Continue reading

Reader Request: The Hedgehog (France)

hedgehog poster

When you’re a kid, everything seems to be either the best or worst. That one piece of candy you eat is the greatest thing you’d ever tasted. On the other side, that one time your dad yelled at you was the worst moment ever and he obviously doesn’t care about you. As a result, when a movie like The Hedgehog centers its story on a hyper-intelligent eleven-year-old who plans to commit suicide, I am hesitant to accept her reasoning as justified, or even absolute. Luckily, The Hedgehog works as an excellent character study for adults and children alike. Continue reading

Ruby Sparks


Inspiration comes from the most spontaneous of places. One minute you’re swamped trying to find an opening for a review concerning a movie you enjoyed; the next you’re just writing hoping people will continue reading… Sorry, I got off track. Right, inspiration. For me, the greatest part about being inspired by something is once you finally put it into action. As struggling novelist Calvin (Paul Dano) finds out in Ruby Sparks, maybe seeing your inspiration in action isn’t as heavenly as you’d imagine. Continue reading

An Education

There are tons of films that have been classified as coming-of-age tales, where experience is gained, lessons learned and character built. It’s a genre that has been tried and tested over and over. Sometimes the story inspires you, while oftentimes you are left indifferent. An Education, in a way, does neither. It’s simply a well-made movie with solid performances all around. Continue reading

What’s Your Number?

To borrow somewhat from Louis C.K., watching a romantic comedy is a lot like picking out the best cinnamon roll at Cinnabon, even if you find a really, really good one, you’ll still kind of hate yourself after. With films like What’s Your Number?, the feeling is stimulated and occurs midway through, a lot like when eating the last cinnamon roll left in the warming tank. Continue reading

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