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Reader Request: The Royal Tenenbaums

the royal tenenbaums poster

In August I will be entering a graduate program for Journalism. (Yes, I think so highly of myself as to believe I can one day be paid to write these!) While it is exciting for many reasons, I am most anticipating the electives I will be taking, particularly two script analysis courses.

I am telling you, the public, this for two reasons. First, as a warning that my posts will become much more infrequent at the start of next month. Second, because I feel that to truly appreciate a film you have to understand its foundation: the script. As such, to appreciate a film like The Royal Tenenbaums, you have to look beyond what’s on screen and focus on the fundamentals. Continue reading


In this day and age there are so many opportunities out there that it is difficult for anyone to truly be satisfied with mediocrity. The desire to achieve more or find something more personally fulfilling will always overpower the laziness to just settle. In Tenure, Charlie Thurber (Luke Wilson) is a supremely talented, yet underachieving English professor at Grey College working to prove he is worthy of tenure. Continue reading

You Kill Me

The power of being able to express your feelings without judgment is one that can be underappreciated. One of the best forums for this freedom of expression is through Alcoholics Anonymous. After failing to murder a rival mob leader due to a drunken slumber, Frank (Ben Kingsley) learns to accept his vulnerability while sobering up in the mob-hit, alcoholic recovery comedy, You Kill Me. Continue reading

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